Born and raised by European immigrant parents, Teddy Lueken, a well-known NY Metro Area screaming lead guitar virtuoso with exciting stage presence and showmanship, began playing at 9 years old (when he received a Sears acoustic guitar for Christmas from his mother). Shortly thereafter he began taking lessons and within a few months was considered a prodigy talent. His Father awarded his son two Christmases later with a beautiful Hofner “Hi – Fi” (Les Paul type) electric guitar. Throughout the next couple of years, with the guitar almost bigger than him, Teddy was already making a name for himself as a precocious boy rock guitarist with amazing soloing skills (while often playing at parties and dances in several Long Island teenage bands).

By age nineteen, with a love of theatre rock acts like Alice Cooper, Bowie, Kiss, Genesis, Hendrix, and other great showman, he crafted a highly energetic stage presence to the mix and several years later, went on to form a kick-ass, glam rock metal band called Sanction in 1984; where he continued to stand out for his wailing, in-your-face guitar style (as witnessed by Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple). (Read More)


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